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We suggest you before traveling to Iran, Read some about Iran and Iranians, then without any doubt Iran will be in list of your future trips. There is lot's of reasons that caused Iran be safe place to visit that we talked about 8 main reasons in this article but like all other countries, traveling to Iran has some important tips that if you don't know them, they can be dangerous.

Yes ofcourse. Iran Has lot's of attraction with humble people that they would happy in facing with tourist. Rate of crimes againts tourists put Iran in one 5 lowest crime rate list.

Downtown, Suburbs, Side Roads, Sistan Balouchestan Province and Border Areas are not safe enough to travel solo or in night.

You should be conscious/aware of thief in your trip to Iran. thiefs are not in all places, usually thiefs are in crowded places like BRT, Metro, Bus, Old Shopping Center(Bazaar). So we suggest have low amount of money in cash in crowded place and left your passport in hotel.

First if you predict it's not serioud problem, you can request local people's help unless you can contact with Police by calling 110 or 112 to Emergency Center Of Red Crescent Society.

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Americans, Canadians & British must use driver & guaranteed tour guide unless having passport of another nationality

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