Why Iran is great for rhinoplasty

The history of rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Iran has been around for half a century, that is when Dr. Asanloo, the father of Iranian plastic surgery, performed the first plastic surgery in the country. Then, the number of specialists and surgeons in this field increased with the establishment of plastic surgery field at Tehran University. Rhinoplasty or nose job was primarily for the families of aristocrats and celebrities. But today ordinary people can also experience a great result in rhinoplasty.
In the last thirty years, with the increase of the expertise, experience and skill of Iranian specialists along with equipping medical centers with the latest medical tools, statistics of cosmetic surgeries, especially rhinoplasty in Iran, have increased significantly.

Iran’s position in rhinoplasty

About 40,300 plastic surgeons perform over 11 million cosmetic surgeries worldwide in the period of March-to-June 2018. Meanwhile, Iran has been among the top 10 countries in terms of cosmetic surgeries. Also there are over 100 private hospitals and clinics in Tehran, the capital of Iran, covering cosmetic surgeries, including rhinoplasty.
According to international reports, just in the United States, Brazil and Iran carry out more than 200,000

nose surgeries (rhinoplasty) annually, of which more than 50,000 are performed in Iran. The high percentage of rhinoplasty success in Iran has made Tehran the capital of rhinoplasty in the world.
There are two reasons for the high rate of cosmetic nose surgeries in Iran. First, the racial anatomy of the Iranian nose is somewhat larger, as with South-East Asian people who have eyelid drooping and therefore, there are more eye cosmetic surgeries. The next reason is the increase in social welfare in Iran. As a public law, the higher the level of public welfare in a society, the higher the rate of cosmetic surgeries.
Dr. Matt Stefanelli, professor of Plastic Surgery and also professor of Descartes University in Paris on the sidelines of the first International Symposium on Facial Surgery in Iran says about the experience of Iranian surgeons in the field of rhinoplasty: French cosmetic surgeons are not as experienced as Iranians in nose cosmetic surgery or rhinoplasty.

Iranian Rhinoplasty Surgeons

Most Iranian plastic surgeons take into consideration the patient’s choice. So many people from Canada, Iraq and Azerbaijan visit these specialists for cosmetic surgeries, especially rhinoplasty. The skill and experience of Iranian physicians has led to very few post-operative complications and deaths from cosmetic surgery in Iran. Pars Med Tour is proud to work with the best Iranian plastic surgeons. For this purpose, you can refer to the rhinoplasty special page in our site and see the list of fellow physicians and the results of each of them. If you are looking for a specific surgeon who is not on our list of doctors, you can submit your request with our experts to review the issue in the shortest possible time.

Cost of rhinoplasty in Iran

The cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is much more affordable than in countries such as America, UK, France, Switzerland, UAE and … . While the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran, such as a surgeon’s wage bill, clinic, anesthesia, medication, and so on costs start at $ 1200, in many countries the cost is well above $ 8500. For example, the cost in the US is between 7000$ and 8500$ and in Australia 7500$.
In fact, the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is not only lower than in European and American countries, but even in Asian countries as well, while the quality and level of services provided are on a global scale and in the best cosmetic clinics in the world.

The reason for the lower cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is that most medical services are cheaper than in other parts of the world, because Iran is cheap to live in. In Iran, wages and prices for goods and services are lower than in European and American countries, so it is only natural that the cost of medical services is low. This has led many patients to travel to Iran to complete their treatment.
We are proud to offer the highest quality for cosmetic nose surgery at an exceptional price. To know our great prices, visit our rhinoplasty page.

Is Iran a good choice for me?

Iran is one of the best destinations for rhinoplasty for everyone, because traveling to Iran will meet all your needs, including experienced surgeons, well-equipped hospitals and clinics, and affordable costs.
In addition to cosmetic services & treatments, other medical services in the field of infertility, dentistry & … are very high in Iran. According to international statistics, Iran’s medical position in the world has grown more than 30 steps in the past two decades. It is currently ranked 17th in the world in terms of advances in medical science. Dozens of specialty courses are taught in Iran’s medical universities. Hundreds of companies in the country are also producing quality medical equipment and specialty drugs.

When you choose Iran for a variety of medical services, you are sure to receive high quality at a reasonable price. You have to add to those, the good behavior of physicians and nurses and their responsibility. Plastic surgery is also one of the disciplines in which there are many specialized and experienced Iranian physicians.

The next point that can not be overlooked is the appropriate cost of rhinoplasty in Iran. Traveling to Iran will save you over 80% on your rhinoplasty cost. Especially if you live in the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, and Western Europe, you will incur high travel costs, accommodation, and other perks to travel to distant countries such as the US and Canada.
Meanwhile, Iran is a great country with a long and culturally rich history.

Iranians are famous for hospitality. So not only you succeed in traveling to Iran and leaving the country with a more beautiful face, but also the sweet experience of living in a country with rich culture and civilization and many attractions will be with you forever. All of these benefits have made Iran a leader in medical tourism in the Middle East and welcomed many patients from different countries, especially its neighbors, every year.

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