Hair transplant methods

Hair transplant methods

Hair is one of the main features in attracting people. There are many factors involved in thickening hair. The three main factors in this area are genetics, various hormones of the body and the age of the person. In some families, hair loss is inherited to children. Hormonal changes can also lead to hair loss. Also, as people age, the hair follicles become damaged and hair loss starts. With the advancement of science in recent years, the problem of baldness and hair loss has been treated and several ways have been introduced to tackle this problem.
There are various methods of Hair Transplant now that have positive results for the person. Here is a summary of the most popular hair transplant methods.

Why Hair Transplant?

Usually, people with baldness are treated with medication, shampoos, or complementary medicines. But if these methods do not work (which are usually not effective), another option is to use hair transplant methods. In general, the basic format of these methods is the same. Usually, your doctor will remove healthy and strong follicles from areas of the skin that have thicker hair and attach them to the shorter and thinner areas.

Hairs transplant can be done in different areas of the body such as the head, eyebrows and even the beard of men. Usually the hair transplant is permanent and the hair will grow naturally. The new hair will no longer fall out, and hair transplant is usually performed by a specialist.
Various hair transplant methods
There are various methods and models for hair transplantation that usually one of them is selected as the main treatment according to the patient’s condition.


FIT, one of the most common methods of hair transplant

Follicular Isolation Transplantation or FIT, is one of the most common methods of hair transplant. In this way, the hair follicles are actually cut into multiple batches or individually by means of what is called holder. These follicles are removed from dense areas and re-implanted in less dense areas. This method of hair transplant may take from one to several sessions depending on the amount of follicles required.

FIT method is usually painless, but local anesthesia can be used to relieve discomfort. This method is usually used for people who have only a small part of the skin with hair loss. This method is also commonly used for people who cannot remove large parts of their skin for various reasons. Like other hair transplant methods, after this method usually because of the entering shock to transplanted hairs, those will be shed and after a short period time, the hair begins to grow back to normal.

FUT, One of the popular methods

Another method of hair transplant in Iran which is usually operated by many specialists is the Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT method. In this method, small pieces of skin are cut from the tissue that has thick hairs, and by using different tools, the hair follicles of these skin patches are separated and small units are created. These hair units or strips are then carefully placed into circular incisions in the scalp areas affected by hair loss to replace natural hair growth. One of the advantages of FUT method is that the scars created are less than other methods. Also the location of new hair is not visible and the hair is completely natural.

SUT, One of the newest methods

Among the methods of hair transplantation, SUT type hair transplantation is a newer method. In this method, advanced devices usually carry out follicles from the skin and implant them elsewhere and the physician is only responsible for monitoring this process. The SUT method is almost similar to the FIT method, with the only major difference being that in the SUT method hair follicles are harvested with a specific device.
In this method, the follicles are separated from the dense portions of the individual’s hair and are rapidly frozen. Freezing in this way will keep the follicles healthy until transplant operation. Usually only one percent of the follicles implanted in this method are destroyed and the rest remain completely healthy.
The main advantage of the SUT model is that the device performs very accurately and the speed of operation is very high, with about 10,000 different hair follicles being implanted at each session. Because of this, all the required follicles will be implanted in a single session in the SUT method.

The final word

Hair transplant techniques over the past several decades have helped people achieve their desired appearance. Each of these methods is suitable for a specific situation. It is best to get some information about various hair transplant methods before you start to have a better choice. Remember to use reputable centers to get the best results.
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The results of hair replacement surgery are permanent as the replaced hair is taken from an area which is resistant to balding. However, you should bear in your mind that, just like any other trait subject to aging, your hair may change over time. For example, your transplanted hair will be gray as the time goes by, but usually slower than your original hair.

Considered as a safe and effective procedure, hair transplantation promises natural, enduring, and permanent results. According to the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the surgery is reported with a very high level of patient safety, and the incidence of surgical complications is estimated to be less than 2% to 3%. With all being said, the key to a safe and successful surgery is choosing the right surgeon for the operation.

Hair transplant is a procedure with countless advantages and several side effects. As most people prefer to know what they are to expect after the surgery, we’re writing this to help you overcome this concern.

Hair restoration surgery brings back what it feels like to have a head fully covered with hair. So, reviving the missing parts of your self-image would be the very first advantage of this treatment. The surgery is an ultimate solution to hair loss and rarely needs to be repeated as the results are permanent. Plus, this treatment is more cost-effective than other alternatives as it is a one-time procedure and there is no need for repeating the process, consuming any medications, or sticking to specific maintenance.

There are some side effects that may occur after the surgery. They include bleeding, swelling, inflammation, infection, itching, and sudden loss of new hair. These side effects are not permanent, nor do they last for a long time. In most cases, none of them are observed or if observed, they can be handled with medications.

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