Is Iran Safe To Travel? March 2020 Update

One of the most important concerns of any traveler who wants to travel to Iran, is the safety and security of Iran. Duo to the political situation powering over relations between Iran’s government with other countries, propaganda against Iran often takes place which is far from the reality. Iran, according to the global institutes of “international SOS” and “risk control” is considered a green area and safe amongst countries in the middle east and is next to countries such as Switzerland, Finland and Norway.  In this article we explore the safety of Iran for foreigners who wish to travel to Iran.

Iran Travel Safety History

If you have no information on Iran and its history, it’s suggested that you read this part of the article.

Iran’s relations with most countries in the world since years ago has been solid and friendly but after the Islamic revolution in 1979 things changed a bit. After the Islamic revolution, Iran’s relations with other countries continued as friendly but countries such as AMERICA and BRITAIN duo to the events that took place, didn’t have good political relations with Iran. Safety of foreign travelers has always been amongst controversial and sensitive topics for travelers. Iran has put its focus on the safety of the country since the very early years.

Before and after Iran’s Islamic revolution there has not been many security or safety threatening event that has took place and there have been very few cases that have damaged Iran’s history of safety as a country. People who wish to travel to Iran do not need to be worried, they only have to pay attention and to carefully observe the subjects discussed in this page.

Events That Took Place In The Early 2020’s

In the first few days of 2020, following the increased price of fuel in Iran, people started to protest in certain places, with the involvement of the police these protests led to violence and the conflict between the police and the people lasted for a few days. Although the protests compared to countries like FRANCE and… was much smaller in scale and the statistics on the injured was very low. After a little while everything got back to its normal and healthy way that it was before the protests until general SULEIMANI was murdered, by the order of president trump in the 3rd of January, this act of terrorism on behalf of AMERICA had to be responded to by Iran. Iran acted on retaliation, and president trump threatened Iran with missile attacks on 52 cultural and military targets. Iran retaliated against the US with a single missile attack on an AMERICAN military base located on AL-ASAD in IRAQ, and stated that there is not going to be a war or that these sort of events would not continue.

Unfortunately, the same night Iran’s air defense unit, by mistake fired a missile towards a passenger airplane that belonged to UKRAINE and the airplane along with all of its 147 passengers fell. Following the incident which was a man-made mistake, a great pain and suffering was inflicted upon Iran and this was the main part of the beginning of worries for those travelers who had planned to travel to Iran.

At the date of 18 February 2020, according to the official announcement of the ministry of health, treatment and medical education of Iran, the coronavirus (now known as COVID-19) was detected in the city of QOM. The origin of this virus was CHINA and its probable that the virus was transferred to Iran by a Chinese flight passenger. As of right now the coronavirus(COVID-19) has yet a pandemic in Iran and it would be better if foreign passenger where to visit Iran only if absolutely necessary and to stop their travels as a tourist for a while.

The mentioned subjects have familiarized you significantly with Iran’s situation, in the following subjects we shall explain one by one, the reasons why Iran is a safe country to travel to.

Why Is Iran A Safe Country To Travel To?


We, by providing logical and provable reasons will attempt to answer the question on why is Iran a safe country to travel to. In summary the following reasons are why Iran is a safe country:

  1. Iran Travel Risk Map
  2. Crime Rate In Iran
  3. Iranian's Peoples Culture
  4. Peacful Nation
  5. Islam Religion Affects
  6. Number Of Flight And Road Incident
  7. Iran’s Relations With Neighboring Countries
  8. Iran’s Relations With Europe, Asia and America


1- Iran Travel Risk Map

One of the most important things to check before traveling is the Travel Risk, which is published annually for countries around the world, identifying the risk of traveling to each country by examining various criteria and subjects. This map, developed by the International SOS, examines the key indicators of passenger safety and is used as a reference. Indicators such as political unrest, social upheaval, racial violence, ethnic conflict, civil unrest, crime, the impact of security forces and rescuers performance and the safety and security of the transportation infrastructure and it covers different countries positions in terms of natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. In a map released for 2020, Iran is in Medium Travel Security Risk that shows despite all advertisment against Iran that may is organizied by USA and recent event, Iran has medium travel risk like coutries include Russia, Brazilm, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Peru, South Africa.




Periodic political unrest, violent protests, insurgency and/or sporadic acts of terrorism occur. Travellers and international assignees may face risk from communal, sectarian or racial violence and violent crime. Capacity of security and emergency services and infrastructure varies. Industrial action can disrupt travel.

2- Crime Rate In Iran

Another thing that can be considered important for the security of a country is the number of crimes committed in that country. Iran is undoubtedly one of the safest countries in the world in terms of crime. Usually, committing a crime in Iran is not easily forgivable, and with the strength of the security forces present in Iran as well as the prohibition of carrying firearm and cold weapon, violent crimes can be very low, but street clashes may still occur. According to the statistics, the crime rate in Iran is very low and you do not have to worry about traveling to Iran. The police telephone number in Iran is 110, which can be used when needed. It is important to know that nothing is as important to the police and the government as the security of the people, and that all people traveling to Iran are somehow or another also considered Iranian people.

However, it is best to follow the tips described in the continued discussion for an increased security.



Also for more information about Iran crime rates, you can check United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) website.

3- Iranian People's Culture:

The culture of the Iranian people is influenced by the culture of the ancient people of Iran as well as the religious teachings, you can find in every period of time, signs of civilization, and that the kings and rulers of the government of the times have always sought to spread science and culture. The main culture of the Iranian people is to help their fellow man, and as Saadi the great Iranian poet says in his famous poem:

Human beings are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul.

If one member is afflicted with pain,
Other members uneasy will remain.

This kind of friendliness and philanthropy reflects on the culture of the Iranian people for many years and centuries. Wherever you may have trouble traveling to Iran, no exaggeration, you can ask the Iranian people for help, and be assured that 99.9% of the time, people will help you as much as they can.

If you want to hitchhike in Iran, you can also get help from drivers. Of course, you might want to get into cars with female drivers or cars that carry families in them. People may even invite you to their homes, before traveling to Iran be sure to check out the well-known and famous compliments in Iran. In Iran, you will not be disturbed as long as you do not violate anyone's rights or interfere with anyone's work.



4- Peaceful Nation

 Iran has never started a war. That one sentence is all that we want in this part of the text to explain to you.  In the last three wars (World War I, World War II and the war between Iran and Iraq), Iran has never been the initiator of war, and this shows that Iran is seeking friendly relations with all countries in the world. In recent years, the joint comprehensive plan of action also known as “barjam” in Iran is a program that has been designed to improve Iran's relations with the US and Europe.

The government and the people of Iran have no issues with any of the nations of the world and they consider all the people in the world their friend but politically wise there are some issues with countries like America and Britain also Israel is not a recognized country for Iran.     

5- Islam Religion Affects:

As you may have already known, the official religion of Iran is Islam and the majority of the Iranian people are Muslims unlike the propaganda which you may have seen towards Islam, preservation of human life is the main pillar of Islam.

In Islam it is emphasized that any harm committed towards others is considered a sin and is therefore punishable, so now there is even less stress to travel to Iran for the people will cause no harm to you. Keep in mind, the official religion in Iran is Islam therefore certain rules such as having the hijab Is crucial otherwise you may get intercepted by Iran’s police. Although the rules are not as harsh towards foreigners, yet above affirming to the law, it is respecting the beliefs of the people. There is another important pillar in Islam, helping the poor and people with disabilities. People of Iran always help each other regardless of the situation and are never happy to see others in harm’s way and what reason more important than the willingness of the people of a country to seek friendship with foreigners. People may ask you for a selfie, in such situations, if you are willing to do so, cooperate with them, although people always have a smile on their face when meeting foreigners and its highly possible that they may ask you how you are.



6- Number Of Flight And Road Incidents

Another factor which is important to the security integrity of traveling to Iran is the amount of road and flight incidents. In regards of safety of flights Iran is very safe, as you can survey, the amount of flight incidents in Iran is 1 per million which is completely in line with global standards. Iran’s airplanes are a combination of new and old airplanes. Duo to America’s unfair sanctions on Iran, selling planes to Iran has become very hard yet still the quality of flights and the services provided in the Iran’s domestic flights are very high. Ticket cost for Iran’s domestic flights are very low and they cost less than 5 dollars, so it’s better to use flights to travel between cities of Iran, if we are to be honest the road transportations quality in Iran is not in a good shape, and the road incidents and road accidents that lead to death are high. We suggest choosing Mahan air or Iran air that have better air planes for travels while in Irans.


7-Iran’s Relations With Neighboring Countries:

Iran has a solهd and friendly relation with its neighboring countries. countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan that have less safety, less travelers travel to them from Iran, but other neighboring countries of Iran do host Iranian travelers and also many travelers of other neighboring countries of Iran, do travel to Iran.

Iran has friendly relations with its neighboring countries if you have traveled to one of these countries or you want to travel to one of them after visiting Iran, we would suggest traveling to countries around Iran. As you can see in the travel risk map, Iran’s bordering areas, are unsafe and risky areas, so it would be better if you use traveling agencies tours or travel by the main routes to travel to Iran.

If you take a look at Iran’s century old relations with its neighboring countries, you would see, besides Iraq which was the starter of war with Iran, Iran has never sought to intrude any of its neighboring countries and that itself shows the peacefulness of Iranians and the safety of Iran for traveling.

8- Iran’s Relation With Europe, Asia And America:

Without a doubt political relations are one of the main factors that any individual considers for traveling to a country. Nobody wants to travel to a country that has no political relations with their country of origin. One of the concerns is that if anything is to happen to the person traveling to the destinations country, finding a supporter (embassy or consulate) is hard or obtaining visa for that country may not be possible or be incredibly hard. In this sense Iran has decent political relations with most countries of the world, and in terms of issuing visas for most countries of the world, the visa will be, without any problems, issued on a maximum of one week. Politically-wise, Iran has bit of tension with countries such as:

Britain and America, Iran has no political issues with European, Asian and American countries, also traveling to Iran for all is possible regardless of what religion the person may have. No one will call you out for your nationality of religion. In Iran, all countries have embassies, consulates, and in some cases special interest supporting offices, so in the case that you have faced problems in Iran you can visit your supporter in Iran.



Flight, Train, Travel by road, Which One Is Safer In Iran?

As we have mentioned above, travel by flight can be the best option when it comes to traveling between cities of Iran. In Iran that are many different ways to travel to different cities which we shall compare them here. Iran’s domestic flights had the least amount of incidents and casualties in the past years but if you want to have a long and safe travel in Iran on budget, we recommend using a train.

To enter Iran there are reliable airplanes such as: emirates airlines, Qatar airways, Turkish airlines, Pegasus, Mahan air, Aeroflot, that have daily and weekly flights to Iran and by your likings you can choose one of these airlines to travel to Iran.

In case you want to use Iran’s road to travel to Iran, keep in mind having a professional drive is a must when travelling between cities. The only dangerous thing about traveling to Iran is the way people drive and you only have to be careful on this part. In the travels that are initiated by tours, the driver is already familiar with the way that Iranians drive and you don’t need to worry about having an accident when driving with these expert tour drivers.


Is Solo Traveling To Iran Dangerous For Women?

Definitely not, as it’s the word of mouth of all people around the globe who know Iranians, the hospitality of the Iranian people is unmatched. In your journey to Iran most of the people you may ask help from will help you, and those who don’t help you is probably because they don’t know or understand what you are saying to them or they don’t understand the language that you are speaking to them. we suggest not to trust everyone because there are always a few people who would seek to jobber you. Solo travel to Iran is not dangerous at all, and Iran duo to the religious teaching no one is even allowed to touch women. Women, traveling to Iran have to heed upon a few security notes, to stay away from dark and lonely places late at night as much as possible. Iranian people are very zealous and in the presence of the slightest of issues you can ask for help from the people or if you think the problem is a bit complicated, ask the police for help, Iran’s police will quickly and effectively, in any local place that you may be, remove and obliterate the issues you may be facing.



Can We Ask The Locals For Help While Traveling To Iran?

Yes. Local people in Iran specially in small cities and villages are very warm blooded and will help you with any problems you may be facing. For an instance one of the women solo traveling to Iran with a bike, when her bike became faulty the locals came to her aid and fixed her bike for her, the video was put on social media and soon after it went viral, you can watch that video in the following.

When traveling to Iran, is it necessary to have a tour leader?

With the details given above you may be able to arrive at an assumption yourself that Iran is a safe country and the presence of a tour leader is not necessary, but certainly a professional individual can familiarize you with new roads and an overall give better experience for you in your journey.

Important Tips Of Iran Safe Travel:

To have a peaceful and quite travel follow these points below:


1- Iranians are very hospitable, with that being said, do not trust every person that wishes to help you.

2- Keep away from the border areas and try to go to cities that have no borders with other countries.

3- It’s better not to visit SISTAN and BALUCHESTAN state because the security there is very low due to the existence of drug cartels.

4- In the event of witnessing protests and demonstrations, try to keep away from people and not to join these protesters.

5- Do not carry drugs on you.

6- If you are drunk, do not exit you place of residence.

7- Only buy tours and services from verified and valid travel agencies.

8- Do not enter jungle areas, side roads and deserts when alone.

9- Do not enter cars that are busy driving passengers, and use taxis or online taxi services such as Snapp and Tap30.

10- Choose your visa depending on the intention of your travel.

11- Have a copy of your credential when outside of your hotel area.

12- Keep away from Iran’s sensitive military areas. Pay attention that taking pictures from areas mentioned and that are marked is considered a crime and will get prosecuted if doing so.

13- Using Drone needs special permission.

14- Try to buy food from big restaurant.

15- Use validated and verified airplanes to travel to Iran and to travel between Iran’s cities.

16- Reserve your accomodation such as hotels before traveling to Iran.

17- Don’t take pictures of the people without their consent.

18- Do not carry too much cash with you.

19- Don’t take Iranians compliments for granted unless you are sure, and preferably don’t go to their houses (although there have been cases that foreigners have went to Iranians houses and have had a great pleasure and took photos).

20- To change currency only do so in exchange centers and absolutely keep away from dealers.      


We suggest you before traveling to Iran, Read some about Iran and Iranians, then without any doubt Iran will be in list of your future trips. There is lot's of reasons that caused Iran be safe place to visit that we talked about 8 main reasons in this article but like all other countries, traveling to Iran has some important tips that if you don't know them, they can be dangerous.

Yes ofcourse. Iran Has lot's of attraction with humble people that they would happy in facing with tourist. Rate of crimes againts tourists put Iran in one 5 lowest crime rate list.

Downtown, Suburbs, Side Roads, Sistan Balouchestan Province and Border Areas are not safe enough to travel solo or in night.

You should be conscious/aware of thief in your trip to Iran. thiefs are not in all places, usually thiefs are in crowded places like BRT, Metro, Bus, Old Shopping Center(Bazaar). So we suggest have low amount of money in cash in crowded place and left your passport in hotel.

First if you predict it's not serioud problem, you can request local people's help unless you can contact with Police by calling 110 or 112 to Emergency Center Of Red Crescent Society.

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